Orange Bird Society Exhibit at the Orange Show 2011

The 2011 Orange Show was bitterly cold which kept some of the general public away but the Orange Bird Society still managed to put on (what we thought) was a pretty good display.

See below for a short video.

Aviculture Productions first product goes live!

Wow, after almost a year of part time work my new business partner (Tony Ford) and I have finally finished our first product!


The business is Aviculture Productions - a video production business focusing on producing DVD's for bird hobbiests and the first product is a DVD called Live Food for Finches.


There was an enourmous amount of knowledge to learn to get this first DVD produced - and I'm sure each new project will a challenge in it's own right.


Onto the next project ;)

An Introduction to Australian Lorikeets

I have been doing a home study course on making internet videos ... so as a practice I have made a simple slideshow/voice over video about Australian Lorikeet Species:

Young Varied Lorikeets

I had a great year breeding varied lorikeets so I thought I'd test out Vimeo for a video host.


A video of our family visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park

With my new video camera in hand we visited Featherdale Wildlife Park.


Cooper's first steps