Euphoria is a computer programming language. This page contains some of the Euphoria programs I developed between February 1999 and April 2002. These used to be hosted at but I no longer use that domain. I have copied the contents over here just incase it is of interest to anyone. 

Why I don't use Euphoria anymore?

Before I get to my programs I might tell you why I no longer use Euphoria ...

Euphoria is a simple, easy to learn and easy to use language ... for "certain" kinds of programs. It however doesn't have the depth or breadth of features that some other languages have and that I started to require. If Euphoria works for you, thats great, I'm happy for you, but if it doesn't don't go complaining to the Euphoria mailing list. A browse through the archive shows some hotly debated discussions about "the future of Euphoria" for instance. I've had my fair share to say in the past and that's why I now say ... "If you like Euphoria GREAT!, otherwise move on".

When Euphoria was open sourced I "almost" started to program in Euphoria again. I wanted to help build the Euphoria community but as it turned out I don't have the time as I have been putting alot of energy into other pursuits.

The Programs


  • Mostly these are out of date so use at your own risk!
  • The Email address given in all the readme files are incorrect and I don't have access to the old email address.
  • The best place to find help about these libraries is the Euphoria mailing list. Some people still use these programs and probably know more about them then me. If you get really stuck please contact me.




A set of wrappers around some C libraries for creating games or multi-media programming. Libraries wrapped are for Allegro, PPCOL(no link), MappyJGMOD and AllegMP3 (no link). I created a project on sourceforge where the latest source and documentation are. Chris burch as packaged this up and submitted a zip file (search here).


euAllegro Games Pack

A couple of simple games to demo euAllegro. Download here.



A wrapper for the SQLite embedded SQL database system. Chris Burch has taken over maintenance of euSQLite. See Chris's website for info.



A wrapper for libcURL. libcURL is a very powerful and easy to use URL transfer library. Updated by Robert Craig of RDS in Dec 2005 - Thanks Rob. Download here.



A wrapper for TCP4u (A TCP lib). Very little maintenance has been done by the original developer but it "seems" pretty solid. Download here.



A wrapper for the FTP4w (a FTP lib). FTP4w has been discarded by the original author. i.e. DON'T USE IT! See euLibCurl which has all the functionality of euFTP4w and more.



A wrapper for the Libnet games comms lib. This project seems dead. Hasn't been updated for a few years. Just incase someone is interested download the old version here.



A simple hangman game using win32lib (an old version of win32lib is included). Download here.



A simple (but pretty complex to use) program to help to create the old ".hlp" help files. Uses win32lib (an old version of win32lib is included). Download here.



Other Things ...

At one stage I also started a "Euphoria FAQ". I spent a weekend writing up the basics and got some input from other Euphoria users and came up with this.
C.K.Lester has developed a much better version at