The club meets once a month (except December), the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Senior Citizens Center at 77 Kite Street (access available across the carpark from Harris Farm markets).


It costs $15 to join for the first year (includes a badge) then $10 to rejoin each year after that.

Yearly Events

  • The bird sale is the biggest event we have each year. See the website http://www.OrangeBirdSale.com.
  • We have a Christmas party.
  • At the Orange show we have a Bird Show for the weekend.
  • At the Pet Expo we put on a Bird Show.

AdHoc Events

  • We sometimes go on aviary tours. We have recently been to Temora, Forbes and Canberra
  • We sometimes have guest speakers talk about different aspects of aviculture.


  • We also have a library where you can borrow book and videos.
  • But I guess the biggest advantage is just mixing we other people in the area, at the end of each meeting anyone can ask any questions they like and get some input from people who have been keeping birds for years!

Postal Address

Postal Address: PO Box 1666 ORANGE NSW 2800